Is a spray tan worth it?

By | November 19, 2013

spray tanFor those who have gotten spray tans. I’ve been contemplating on how to get a good natural looking tan this summer without baking on the beach and in the tanning beds. My side of the family is prone to skin cancer and I just don’t feel like chancing it any more especially now that I am getting older… and wiser LOL.

I checked out some of the self tanning lotions and heard some good and bad things, then I also thought about going and getting a spray tan. I know it can be expensive, but is it worth it? Will it last longer than a week? Is it sticky all day after you get it done? Is it better to get it airbrushed by a person, or do the stall where it sprays automatically? Will it look weird on my face. Oh and when it does start to come off, does it look blotchy, or does it just fade?

I just don’t want to waste my $$ Thanks y’all!


There are good and bad things

I had it done once where the lady came to a house and did all of us girls. It was a little awkward getting naked and putting on these paper thongs, but she was professional. I loved it the first night. Actually went out. But, the face tan came right off that night because of all of my face products that I use when I wash/tone/etc.. My skin looked good, but my feet looked awful. Thank goodness I didn’t have to wear sandals all week. When the tan fades, it is blotchy, too. It’s fun, but I’m not sure if it is a long term thing. I don’t know…thinking about it all myself…I don’t want cancer either and will not get SUN tan this summer. Need some alternatives.

I worked at a tanning salon and we did airbrush tanning which looks great

I had a lot of people who did the mystic tan booth spray call to see if we could fix them because they looked too orange. when I have gotten airbrushed it never washed off but I do wait the 4-6 hours before washing up or showering. not sure how long you may have waited. it also might have to do with the products they use.

Airbrush tanning is the best love it

If you purchase over the counter stuff the key is to mix it with lotion when applying and you will look fine. It took many years of practice but I can use the stuff and looks good. Here again put a dime size in you’re hand of the tanner lotion then a dime size of the lotion and apply evenly.

I am addicted to the mystic booth – especially now that I’m pregnant and can’t really tan

I much prefer it to spray tanning because I always ended up splotchy with a spray tan. With the mystic, you and the receptionist select the best color level for you. It’s not a one color fits all so you WONT come out looking orange, and if you’re just starting from pale skin, you can work your way up to a darker tan gradually so it doesn’t look weird. Basically, you step into the booth (after applying the lotion to any place you don’t want sprayed — nails, lips and covering your feet if you want) you hit the button and get sprayed in the front, turn around and get sprayed in the back.

You step out and rub it all in, making sure you get the spots that may have been missed by the spray. The downsides are you have to go once a week to maintain it and it can get pricey if you don’t have an area that offers packages or sales. Basically any fake tan will only last about a week, that’s the amount of time you have before the skin sloughs off. Mine never comes off blotchy, but fades naturally (except my belly button stays tan a bit I exfoliate that a bit more than the rest of my body). And it’s applied evenly so it wont look weird on your face, and since you rub it in — there wont be any streaking.