I recently changed my skin regime and my skin is having a reaction.

By | October 23, 2013

skinregimeI’m 26, about to be 27 this year. And I’ve never used a face regimen. I just recently started wearing makeup almost everyday (before it was just maybe once a month). I never washed my face, moisturized it or anything spectacular. Well the new year, the upcoming 27, I decided to change. So I started trying to do better, but I’m still breaking out. For the last 3 weeks I’ve washed my face with cold water twice a day.

Morning I moisturize, evening I use night recovery cream. I scrub with apricot scrub 3 times a week. I use toner, I use the herbal stick. Yet I still break out on my chin and neck. Not severe where I need to go to the derma. But enough that it bugs me. Am I expecting too much in such little time. Am I doing something wrong? I’m getting really depressed about this, and other stuff. Can some one please enlighten me? What in the world am I doing wrong?


You may be doing too much to your face.

Try not to do the scrub so much, it could be irritating the skin.

I would only use the apricot scrub once a week. Also, there is a chance that you could be having a mild allergic reaction to one of the products you are using. Try cutting back on the apricot scrub first. You may want to google the products you’re using and read user reviews to see if many people have complaints about breakouts or irritation after introducing the products into their regimen.

And make sure that you’re using the correct products for your skin type. You may even want to consider going to a dermatologist or an esthetician for a consultation.

Keep in mind, as my doctor told me, that your hormones start changing again at your age. This could be causing your acne issue. Or at least a factor.

Two things could be happening

You are using products: makeup, cleanser that contains mineral oil which is clogging your pores causing you to break out. Another thing is that the apricot scrub could be over stimulating your skin causing you to break out as well.

I may have misunderstood, but it sounds like you have always had this problem and you think that with your new skin regiment it should be improving? If that is true, then that may be a bit unrealistic. Acne has a lot more to do with hormones and genetics than it does with washing your face.

I use Cetaphil to wash my acne prone skin and the apricot scrub twice a week. I also have a really nice ex-foliating mask from Estee Lauder that I use once a week. Other than that, I just use moisturizer and never acne creams. They are too drying. When I have wanted to see a noticeable improvement in my skin, I go see a dermatologist. I have found products that work well with my skin, but they are not miracle workers (like the companies wish you to believe).

It doesn’t sound like you are doing anything wrong. So I think its just your skins way of reacting to wearing makeup on a regular basis. Its just not used to it.

It may be what you are using is not right for your skin

When it comes to skincare its going to be trial and error. What is your skin type? I could recommend some things to try.

You are not doing thing wrong, Try to take Vit B-12. Try that for a month and see how that dose. I went and got this called .ENRICHE.

I have been using it for about a month now and it has helped alto. But the Vit B-12 has helped also with the everyday stress. But I’ve been on the Vita B-12 shots for over three years and that really helps.

You need to go to a Doctor for that. So the stress everyday is what I have found to do that. But you might be low on some of the Vitamin’s.

I’ve been making suggestions for skincare and makeup products for women for years

It’d be best to see you in person and ask you some questions about your skin and your regimine and really customize a skincare AND makeup routine just for you. We need to determine if you are breaking out in pimples or an allergic reaction. All Mary Kay products are dermatologist tested, non-comedogenic (they won’t clog your pores) and safe for sensitive skin, not to mention we are the #1 skincare and cosmetic brand in the country. Using products all within one brand will help increase thier effectiveness and minimize the chance of allergic reactions.

I can educate you on each product and how your skin interacts with it. All Mary Kay prouducts also hold a 100% satisfaction gaurantee, so if you try a skincare routine for two weeks and have a problem or aren’t satisfied with one aspect of it for example you may return it, even if the bottle is empty! If you know a consultant please contact them or visit thier website by searching for them. It is best to be able to try the products before you buy them & get educated on how to use them properly. To do that you should have a facial appointment with your consultant or If you do not know one please register & fill out a skincare profile. There’s a lot to learn about taking care of your skin, it is the biggest organ in your body and is important for good health as well as good looks!