How long does it take for your skin to adjust to a face wash?

By | February 4, 2014

burts-beesI switched to Burt’s Bees Acne Solutions last Friday (about 9 days ago), and now my skin is breaking out kind of bad. I was using the aveeno clear complexion face wash and had minimal breakouts, but I wanted to try the burt’s bees stuff. Although it seems like my face is breaking out a lot now! Any suggestions? How long does it take for skin to adjust to a face wash?


Sometimes when you switch to a new cleanser, especially one as deep cleaning as Burt’s Bees, it can bring dirt and oil to the surface causing breakouts. Once it’s all done, you will have a clearer complexion and one that you can manage more easily and maintain a clear face longer.

my personal rule of thumb is

If it breaks my face out, I stop using it, like I need any more scars on my face? I don’t know how long it takes for skin to adjust to it since I’ve never had to wait for mine to do that, I’ve never broken out from one before and I’ve tried tons of stuff – well not BB but others, check out makeupalley and see what the reviews are on it

That is what I usually do, but I guess maybe I wanted this to work really bad. oh well. Anyone have a good suggestion for acne prone skin?

I would suggest the clean and clear advantage line

you can get it at walmart or target or any drug store. I’ve been using the acne prevention moisturizer and the 3-1 scrub and they both work great. I’m gonna be getting the spot treatment soon too ill let you know how that works. I have gotten a stress pimple here and there but I don’t break out like I used to. I highly recommend it.