Little Bumps On My Face

By | October 6, 2014

Cystic-AcneI have these weird little bump on my face and have not been able to wear any make up for over a week, there are three of the on between my hairline and eyebrow, one sort of like a MarilYn Mark and another on my chiny chin chin, they are painful, sort of look like a pimple but seem too large for that and they look like there is a white head but is way down deep in my skin.

I also have some little tiny dots on my brow bone and my face has been feeling hot but not like a fever I do not know what to do but I do not like them. I do not like them here nor there, I just want them to go away they are gross and make me feel yuckish! Any tips Ladies?


They could be warts?

I know my son has about 4 of those on his face too..they sort of look like white heads, but kinda like a wart. But, they do not have the little black dots in them like a normal wart. I need to get him into the Dr for his check-up and to see what these might be…hope you figure out what yours are.

I do not think they are warts I think they are something like an infection or something !

Photos Please

Might help if you could post a picture so we could see. Sorry your feeling icky.

You would see my bare skin there would be proof it is icky. I will try and post a pic if I get time

Cystic Acne

Sounds like cystic acne to me. I get cystic pimples sometimes, they’re really painful and hot to the touch, and really the only thing you can do is try to dry them out and wait.

Although I’m really bad about using a pin and trying to lance them, but that’s REALLY bad for your skin.

That’s what it sounds like to me too. Best to just hot compress them (it’ll bring them to a head quicker). There isn’t much that you can do Sweetie just ride it out. If it doesn’t get better in a few days, you might want to consult your physician. Whatever you do, try not to touch them. Just keep your face very very clean and do the compresses a couple times a day.

What exactly is a compress?

Hot water on a face cloth and just apply it a few times a day. That’ll help bring the sores to the surface so that they can heal quicker.

Ok well I could not handle the pressure so I poked it but it is still swollen! I keep the hot pack I just want it to go away! it is ugly and painful