What helps with dark circles around eyes?

By | October 23, 2013

dark-circlesLately I have been under a ton of stress and been crying a lot. I also have a terrible habit of rubbing my itchy eyes. As a result I am developing some serious dark circles. Do you know of anything that will help. I mean help for real, like you have used it and seen the results. I would also like it to be moisturizing, because it seems like the skin around my eyes is all itchy and dry too.

For now I am just covering them with MAC concealer, but I would really like to get these under control.


Green undereye concealer will help fade out any blue hues. I dab green on (I use physicians formula, you can buy it at Walgreens or CVS), lightly blend and then use my regular concealer over it (just make sure not to rub it in too much or it will rub away the green concealer).

Arbonne has a great anti-aging eye cream that will lighten the circles. It contains 9 key anti-aging ingredients to help with fine lines, dark circles and hydration. You also get a 45 day mb guarantee as well. If you want to know more email me.

Bobbi Brown creamy concealer

It’s the one makeup staple I cannot live without! I’ve used it for probably 10 years now. You and beat it.

What do you mean “blue hues”? is that what causes dark circles? mine aren’t blues, they are dark brown cause I am black. so if I put this green stuff on I HAVE to wear make-up on top of it? cause I don’t wear make-up everyday.

I have concealer, I want something to make them fade so they aren’t there when I have no make-up on.

I have THE ANSWERS to your dilemma

I, personally, use this very product and I absolutely LUV it! I also have a bad habit of rubbing my eyes because of itching, or I’m tired (exhausted is more like it :-) ) and I have always had a problem with the area under my eyes being dark no matter what concealer or highlighter I have used in the past. Until now … I started using this product around the first of the year this year and I could see the difference almost immediately, honestly really! This stuff is amazing AND the best part is that it won’t cost you an arm & a leg!

The product is called REVERSALIST ILLUMINATING EYE SYSTEM by Avon. The bottom half of the jar is all moisturizing Eye Cream which visibly repairs dark circles, fine lines & wrinkles. The top part (in the lid area) is a Brightening Veil with potent skin brighteners that illuminates under eye areas instantly. INSTANTLY the eye area appears more luminous! And about 4 weeks from now you will notice a dramatic reduction in the look of fine wrinkles around your eyes. This unbelievable eye cream helps brighten even your darkest under-eye area and it helps reverse the look of dark circles, fine lines & wrinkles without the wait.

Hemrroid cream

I used a little bit of hemrroid cream under my eyes for the bags and it helped with them too…

I sell AVON and would recommend ANEW ALTERNATIVE intensive eye cream. Reclaim brighter, younger-looking skin around eyes! The brightest innovation in herbaceutical skincare. Anti-aging science and Eastern healing herbs unite to attack the major signs of dark circles and treat the age-related conditions that can make them look worse. I have a 1 year old and 3 year old and never get much sleep this works great for circles around your eyes. I use it in the am/pm. It is a little pricey @ $25 but you can check out my website & read other women’s reviews or email me with any questions. I hope this helps! Also if you don’t like this product AVON has a 100% money back guarantee no questions asked!