What is a good gentle facewash for my teenage daughter?

By | November 21, 2013

facewashA few months ago my daughter asked me for a few things to wash her face with and what not (since she’s not a child anymore because she started middle school). I got her Clean and Clear morning burst (I think) face wash and moisturizer, after using it, her whole entire face broke out in tiny little bumps so obviously she was allergic to something in there so she stopped using it. now she’s starting to get a few pimples on her chin. I went through hell when I was younger because I had really bad acne and I do not want her going through any of that if possible. I don’t think I want to buy her proactive because once you start using that stuff, you can’t really stop and I don’t really think her face is nearly bad enough to use it. do you guys know of any super gentle face wash and moisturizer I can get for her?



I think Cetaphil is good and sensitive. Recommended to me for my daughter when she was a baby for baby acne.

my “sil” uses olay soap for her face then uses cetaphil moisturizer.

Her face may not be that bad now, but acne usually gets worse. It won’t hurt to let her try Proactive to see if it works for her. If it does help her skin, using it for the long haul is way better than having acne.

Try Purpose

As a teen (and now) it’s the only thing that keeps me from breaking out. It’s great, seriously. Just because it doesn’t have acne claims doesn’t mean it doesn’t work for that.

I have pretty sensitive skin and I use the neutrogena(sp?) daily wash along with a neutrogena hydrating acne control cream that is awesome It doesn’t dry your skin at all

Thanks guys, I want to start her off with the super sensitive / not too strong stuff just in case her face gets really bad and then I have to bring out the big guns !


I use neutrogena acne control or anti-blemish something or other! lol. It’s an orange gel cleanser with salicylic acid. As for proactive. My sister works for the post office and she said she has seen more returns on that stuff than ANYthing else! I would defiantly try cetaphil or purpose on your DD first though, before anything else. If they don’t work, you can try something stronger.

Do your daughter a HUGE favor and take her to a dermatologist, even if you only need to visit once, they will have the best advice for you. I feel like if I had seen one sooner I wouldn’t have the scarring that I have now and will have the rest of my life. And my acne was considered mild.

Great advice. I also think I should’ve seen one when I started with my acne, even if I didn’t touch my face when I broke out I still ended up with brown spots, something about my skins pigmentation. she has darker skin so hopefully she won’t have visible scars if she does start with heavy acne.