What can I use for large pores?

By | October 23, 2013

large-poresHello, as you probably guessed I have large pores. They tend to run in the family. I have become so self conscience about this that I hate showing my face. Is there anything out there that helps? I am currently using Loreal Skin Genesis for large pores. My skin is combination and sensitive.


I have them too and don’t know what to do. I will be watching this for ideas. thanks for posting this!

From what I have been told by and read, there’s not much you can do. But you can help reduce the look of large pores by keeping your face well moisturized. And making sure they aren’t clogged with gunk. I use Paula’s Choice 2% BHA gel, it does a very good job at keeping my pores clean and clearing blackheads.

I have the same problem, and it really affected my body image for a while

I remember one night I had a nightmare, where I had finished cleaning my face and looked into the mirror and the pores had became craters! Like 1-2 inches wide and about half an inch deep. I was staring at my face horrified! Then, in one of the craters there was a peanut!

I was creeped out for a while, but I have gotten over it. The only thing I could ever find to help was keeping your face clean and moisturized too. Which is a problem for my because I have dry skin, that gets super oily.

Thanks for posting this, I was about the ask the same questions!

I love the neutrogena pore reducer cream

It really helps me a lot with my bigger pores.

Try clinique pore minimizer. You use it everyday and over time it makes your pores smaller. They have a full line of pore minimizing products.

Now I feel a little better knowing I am not alone in this! Here is what I use for skin care. I use the Loreal Skin Genesis (pink bottles) to cleanse my skin. Depending on the weather I will use the gel cleanser for dry weather and the clay cleanser for humid hot weather. When I have monthly break outs I use Avons Professional Clearskin. I follow up with Avon’s Rejuvenate skin care line. Once a week I will use Avon Deep Pore Cleansing mask in the t-zone.

I am wanting to try Avons microdermabraison

Has anyone tried it? If so what are your feelings about it?

I have not tried Avon’s Microdermabrasion. However, I have tried and it’s a MUST HAVE for me…. Mary Kay’s Microdermabrasion.

I have large pores. In fact, I tell all my clients, that I use to be ashamed to look at people as I talked for fear of them seeing my HUGE holes on my face.

TimeWise Microdermabrasion Set

Immediately fight fine lines, refine pores and achieve beautifully smooth skin with the TimeWise® Microdermabrasion Set.

Check it out. 100% guarantee. You can get the set or just the microdermabrasion crystals.

Well, I have the same problem BUT AVON does have products that are good for this. Also, Pro-Activ seems to work well on this, but it depends on hpw much you want to spend to get them smaller. My skin is super-sensitive now that I had my daughter so I have to be extra careful BUT I can still use St. Ives Mineral Clay Firming Mask. It helps shrink them and costs even less than the $8 for the AVON product–you should be able to find it at Wal-MArt or Walgreens. I can only use it once a week though (I have used this for large pores once a week since I was a teenager. I am 35 now and my pores are way smaller than they would have been if I hadn’t.