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Skincare Questions & Answers

Little Bumps On My Face

I have these weird little bump on my face and have not been able to wear any make up for over a week, there are three of the on between my hairline and eyebrow, one sort of like a MarilYn Mark and another on my chiny chin chin, they are painful, sort of look like […]

How long does it take for your skin to adjust to a face wash?

I switched to Burt’s Bees Acne Solutions last Friday (about 9 days ago), and now my skin is breaking out kind of bad. I was using the aveeno clear complexion face wash and had minimal breakouts, but I wanted to try the burt’s bees stuff. Although it seems like my face is breaking out a […]

What is a good gentle facewash for my teenage daughter?

A few months ago my daughter asked me for a few things to wash her face with and what not (since she’s not a child anymore because she started middle school). I got her Clean and Clear morning burst (I think) face wash and moisturizer, after using it, her whole entire face broke out in […]

How Do I Get Healthy Nails?

I need your advice! I want nice looking nails but my cuticles are awful and my nails are weak and don’t grow very fast. I work in a nursing home and all the hand washing and hand sanitizing makes my fingers peel around my nails. What can I do to get them in good shape. […]

Is a spray tan worth it?

For those who have gotten spray tans. I’ve been contemplating on how to get a good natural looking tan this summer without baking on the beach and in the tanning beds. My side of the family is prone to skin cancer and I just don’t feel like chancing it any more especially now that I […]

How Do I Get Rid Of Belly Button Scar?

I have a big scar on my belly button. I pierced it and it got ripped out. It looks really gross I hate it its big and purple right on my belly button and now that I’m pregnant everyone wants me to take pics and show them my belly but I’m embarrassed by it does […]

What helps with dark circles around eyes?

Lately I have been under a ton of stress and been crying a lot. I also have a terrible habit of rubbing my itchy eyes. As a result I am developing some serious dark circles. Do you know of anything that will help. I mean help for real, like you have used it and seen […]

I recently changed my skin regime and my skin is having a reaction.

I’m 26, about to be 27 this year. And I’ve never used a face regimen. I just recently started wearing makeup almost everyday (before it was just maybe once a month). I never washed my face, moisturized it or anything spectacular. Well the new year, the upcoming 27, I decided to change. So I started […]

What can I use for large pores?

Hello, as you probably guessed I have large pores. They tend to run in the family. I have become so self conscience about this that I hate showing my face. Is there anything out there that helps? I am currently using Loreal Skin Genesis for large pores. My skin is combination and sensitive. Answers: I […]

What’s a good lotion?

Yes lotion, not really about hair and makeup but you guys are always so helpful. Ok I’ve been really good and I’ve managed to just have 1 lotion that’s white tea scented (I’m using now) and some blackberry fragrance body butter that I’m almost done with, and one body butter that hasn’t been opened (I […]