Is My Lipstick Causing Acne?

Hello! I have oily/sensitive/acne-prone skin. Ugh! Anyways, I have started to notice that when I don’t wear any products like liners and lipsticks, I don’t get those ugly zits right around my mouth. Thing is, I like to wear that stuff now and then. Has anyone who has this same problem found any line or […]

Lipstick makes my lips burn!

I’ve got the most sensitive lips in the world! I cannot wear any type of lipstick without my lips burning. I’ve tried many many different brands but as of yet, can’t find one that works for me. I’m wondering if any of you girls have the same problem and what you use? Answers: I don’t […]

What Color Eye Shadow For Brown Eyes

What color of eye shadow would make my brown eyes stand out more? Answers: Gold, A yellow shimmer, pink, orangey (Warm colors) just about anything besides black or blue. Golds, Soft Browns, and Darker Browns would be gorgeous. It all depends on if you prefer to go ‘flashy’ or with ‘earth tones.’ lavender.. a light […]

Where can I find those makeup color palettes?

You know the ones with almost every color I can think of! I know most of you girls have them. could someone give me an actual website or eBay user ID of who I can get the best deal with. Answers: I know that you can get different palettes from these websites: […]

How long does it take for your skin to adjust to a face wash?

I switched to Burt’s Bees Acne Solutions last Friday (about 9 days ago), and now my skin is breaking out kind of bad. I was using the aveeno clear complexion face wash and had minimal breakouts, but I wanted to try the burt’s bees stuff. Although it seems like my face is breaking out a […]

How do I maintain my tan?

I have a question. I’ve been indoor tanning for the past month or so. Pretty soon I will be going out of town and I want to keep my tan dark without fading. How can I do this. Should I go in a certain bed before I leave. Or maybe put lotion on every day? […]

Should I try mac bare makeup?

Well I have been using bare minerals the light one. It does not make my skin look all the great. I’m wondering if I should try the mac bare makeup? Anyone who’s used it let me know? Answers: It’s called MAC Mineralize Satinfinish SPF 15 Foundation If you like bareMinerals, you’ll love MAC’s new Mineralize […]

Are there any moisturizers to stop a flaky face

My face is very dry so every time that I do or do not put makeup on worse with makeup on my face is flaky. Anyone have any good moisturizers or something I should use under my foundation to stop my face from being flaky? Answers: You need to exfoliate first, in other words, use […]

Any make up suggestions for a brown eyed latina?

I’m Hispanic and besides the natural look (gold shimmery eyeshadow with black or brown liner and lip gloss or sometimes a raspberry lipstick) I am at a loss. I have experimented with purple shadow and gold shimmer it looks good too but not for everyday. I’d love ideas! Answers: Girl… from one Latina to another… […]

What is a good gentle facewash for my teenage daughter?

A few months ago my daughter asked me for a few things to wash her face with and what not (since she’s not a child anymore because she started middle school). I got her Clean and Clear morning burst (I think) face wash and moisturizer, after using it, her whole entire face broke out in […]