Where to get a Good Makeup Case

By | September 30, 2014

Makeup-CaseI have been SERIOUSLY fattening up my makeup stock lately, and, the time has come, where it is SUCH a hassle to dig through my makeup drawer in my bathroom to find what I’m looking for, plus, I don’t want to cause any damage to my expensive professional brushes.

I am looking for a good, LARGE makeup case, where I can organize everything. I looked today at Sephora ($110) and, MAC ($250, OMG). what do you use, where did you get it, and-how much should I plan on spending


plastic drawer thingy

It depends on what exactly you want, but for me and a lot of moms on here we use the plastic drawer thingy. I got mine at a drugstore, I know they have them at like Home Depot or Loews too. This is the one I have, its small, but I also have 3 other makeup bags I organize in.

ALSO for my brushes I have a MAC pro Brush roll thingy. I love it, and I would definitely suggest to get something like that to protect them. And the bottle on top of my case is brush cleaner from MAC, it’s like $9 and worth it IMO. I’m sure you can find other brands, but either way you should keep your brushes clean and use something that will condition them not ruin them like regular soap and water will.

I have one of those drawer thingys, but, I think I have too much for one of those, I used it for awhile, but, I just don’t think its what I need any more.

Get a tool box

I like the hard cases, preferably with a handle. honestly, though, for the prices of the ones at sephora and MAC, Id just go buy a BIG craftsman tool box, and use that.

Seriously momma, CHECK out the hardware stores! or even the fishing supply stores. Tackle boxes and tool boxes are AWESOME for make-up storage

Tool/tackle boxes work perfectly

And are usually half the price of something that’s prettied up to be a make up case

I agree, the tackle boxes and tool boxes are the best! I have a giant fishing tackle box that I got at Wal-Mart for $20 and a huge 4 drawer hardware storage unit that holds almost 200 shadows and we got it at Home Depot for $13.

I’d say make your own!

For about $30 you could get the supplies you need to make a pretty one with lots of storage. If you get the Sterilite brand at Walmart, the drawer has a little “lip” in the front, so you can cut a piece of pretty paper or a folder or something to size and slide it into the front to make a personalized look. If you have tons of makeup, get one this big: Then you can put that rubberised drawer liner in some of the drawers to hold your pots still, and buy those little dollar store baskets to put into the other drawers. You can label the front of each drawer and keep it organized. Here’s s tiny one that I made recently so you can get an idea:You get the gist. I bought this for $8, paid $1 for the baskets, and decorated it with stuff I already had around the house. Just an idea for you.