Where Can I Get Good Make Up Brushes?

By | December 24, 2014

Make Up BrushesWhere can you get good quality make up brush sets for a good price? I LOVE Sephora products but sometimes I find them pricey and I’m open to other product lines. Thanks!


ELF, Avon

Ok there are a couple good places I have gotten my brushes. Believe it or not ELF has awesome blenders. Sometimes the handles are lose but a drop of glue fixes them. Avon also has an awesome liner brush and great blending brushes. Mary also has some which I am dying to try. I also got some of mine at Michaels. My tiny liner brush was like $.25 there.

Onlinecoastalscents.com brusheself  (some local dollar stores carry this too)mineral face fx brushes. Offlinetarget sells sonia kashuk ones that has been getting a lot of good reviews. Drugstore ones like CVS sells a line called beauty of essence & it even tells you exactly what the brush is used for Sallys beauty supply has face secrets that also states what its used for.

funny you posted this cause I was gonna ask the same question thank you.

Elf +1

Well I got most of my brushes from elf. I love them, no issues from them (my other brush is from mary, I love it too, very good brush! Anyways, this link will take you to the ones at elf. Very inexpensive.

Let me show you girls some of the ones that we’ve got.

We also got a slew of newbies in and I’ll be posting those this weekend. I’m trying to find EXCELLENT quality brushes that are AFFORDABLE for everyone. Brushes don’t have to be expensive to work!!! I’ve got a $45 Posh Kabuki that gives me the same coverage and softness as my $12 one. I just got a sample of the new Kabuki Brush..and I just love it! I haven’t priced these yet but I would like to keep them right around $11. These are Goat Hair Kabukis.

I got mine at Ulta

I think I’ll try a few of the online stores to get some cheaper ones.

My fav brushes are the one’s I got at Michael’s

Thanks everyone! I’ll definitely check out craft stores for those liners! I never thought to go there. Oh, Laurie, I’ve been going to your website and I can’t find your make up brushes. Am I looking in the wrong place?