Any make up suggestions for a brown eyed latina?

By | November 22, 2013

makeup suggestionsI’m Hispanic and besides the natural look (gold shimmery eyeshadow with black or brown liner and lip gloss or sometimes a raspberry lipstick) I am at a loss. I have experimented with purple shadow and gold shimmer it looks good too but not for everyday. I’d love ideas!


Girl… from one Latina to another… a lot of colors look good. Because of the brown eyes and hair. I personally will wear absolutely any color shadow. Everything! Purple, bronze, copper, gold, green, blue, pink, red etc. Now if your looking for a natural look or day time look then I would stick with soft pinks or plums or bronzes and browns.

I agree! I’m only 1/2 though [& caucasian] and everyone thinks I look Asian.

Have you ever tried different, fun eye liner colors?

I have mineral powder liners in some great shades (teal, purple black, smoky plum, etc.)

Do y’all have pictures to help me see how you do it? I’m so lost

Try green?

Earthy greens look the best, I think. Honestly though, I stick to the shimmery neutrals with brown or black eyeliner. (Sigh) It’s pretty ho-hum.

Yes girl, I’m the same way.

So if I use green shadow, do I have to wear green?It’s OK to laugh at me, I’m sure I sound like an alien but I seriously don’t know. When I see girls doing bright colors they usually wear the same color. But I usually wear black, white or gray. (I’m losing weight right now and getting my diabetes under control which caused me to blow up FAST) so I grew out of my “cute” clothes. Anyway so I’m just trying to spruce things up and know how before my man gets here…which will be either November or April. I know I have time but I need all the help and time I can get.

I use dark brown, black and sometimes purple. I used to wear white occasionally and I actually pulled it off!