How do I maintain my tan?

By | December 3, 2013

tanningI have a question. I’ve been indoor tanning for the past month or so. Pretty soon I will be going out of town and I want to keep my tan dark without fading. How can I do this. Should I go in a certain bed before I leave. Or maybe put lotion on every day? How do I maintain my tan?


I have been an avid indoor tanner for some time now…yeah your skin will hold the color longer if you keep it hydrated, also you can use a lotion that has a subtle glo to it. It will give you more color also you could always stop at a tanning salon wherever your going..sometimes the salon will give your first tan for free if you have never been there.

when you say lotion with a subtle glo, what do you mean? like a sunless tanning lotion? and what do you suggest?

Ummm not exactly sunless tanners, But in the lotion isle at walmart or a drugstore you can find lotions that have a touch of color. There are quite a few different versions.

sweetie you want an extender

I have been tanning my whole life, I go daily, I use Swedish beauty extender moisturizer. love it! Use on face also.

What she said, you should ALWAYS apply extender right after you tan and when you get out of the shower especially if you ex-foliate which you should be doing while tanning anyhow

I do use an extender right after.

I had no idea that it would help to put it on even when I wasn’t tanning. I would just put on regular lotion

Glad you posted this! I had no idea I should be using a extender. Where do I get it?