Everyday Makeup

By | September 22, 2014

Everyday-MakeupI usually put on make up when I know I am going to go out but lately my self-esteem needs a little buster so I decided on buy all this extra make up (eyeliners eyeshadows lipgloss lipsticks etc.) and found my self not knowing how to use it on the daily basis, also I bought this liquid base its great I never use that stuff only translucid powder but I feel like getting my self pretty with all this things so any advice on how do you use the make up everyday without looking like your going out. Thanks for listening


My daily make up consist of a neutral eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara and some lip gloss. When I go out I do up the entire eye with multiple colors of eyeshadow, some foundation and a pressed powder to finish it off.

If you got to youtube in search for everyday makeup there, they might have some tips or videos for you. Other than that all I know is what I do which is just highlight my natural features in a subtle way.

  1. I do use Mary Kay and I use liquid foundation and top with a tad bit of powder for the natural look.
  2. I put a touch of bronzer on my cheeks just to bring out my cheek bones.
  3. Then my eyes, I have lots n lots of colors for shadows and I use different ones day to day. For example, maybe a little metallic light brown almost gold on lower lid (I have brown eyes) and a cream color on upper lid to bring out the golden touch.
  4. Then I line my lower lid only in dark brown eyeliner or even black and put the mascara on and finish with clear gloss.

Just play around and practice…it’s fun! My self esteem started to take a dive to so I made a point to take an extra 20 min a day to look a little more girly. Have fun!

Every day makeup should only take 5 minutes!

  • moisturiser,
  • primer,
  • dusting of foundation,
  • light blush or bronzer(or both),
  • mascara,
  • lip gloss

THAT’S IT! Good luck PS, I’m also wearing a luminous dust

Sunscreen and no mineral oils

I spend time on my makeup in the morning. Not because I wear massive amounts, but because my morning routine also consists of preparing my face for makeup and making sure that what I’m using has sunscreen and no mineral oils (google: mineral oil and skin cancer). As long as what you’re using is making you happy and feel better about yourself, just make sure it is good for your skin, too or you aren’t doing your complexion much justice!

My before work routine is:

  1. moisturizer with sunscreen,
  2. eyeliner,
  3. mascara,
  4. a quick dust of powder
  5. some lip gloss

And if I’m going out I’ll add some eyeshadow and blush or bronzer. But it’s on so light I look the same either way. No makeup, every day makeup, or big night out makeup. I swear the only difference is I look tired without it. And people will actually tell me that.

I’m a hostess at a small cafe. I wear it everyday. My everyday make-up is:

  1. Tinted foundation,
  2. multi-color eyeshadow,
  3. eyeliner,
  4. mascara,
  5. blush,
  6. lip liner,
  7. lip gloss
  8. brow-liner

It takes me about 20-30 mins to put it on, I try my best to make it look perfect. I am always wearing different colored, eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara. My friends call me “high maintenance”.