What is the best way to cover a spot on my face?

By | November 6, 2013

concealerDoes anyone know the best way to cover a blemish on your face? I have a red spot on my face. I got when I was pregnant and it never went away. I don’t know what it is, but its so ugly! I try to cover it up, but it doesn’t usually work!


I got the same thing, almost like a breakout that never cleared up.

I use Covergirl’s concealer right now, but I used to use Clean and Clear’s concealer. Both work great and the Clean and Clear one has blemish fighting stuff in it. Since I started using Clinique’s face bar to clean my face everyday it has started fading. My daughter was born last August and I hate that this hasn’t cleared up yet. Hope this helps.

I hate to preach but if I had something like that I’d get it checked out mainly by a dermatologist if you can.To answer your question you can buy some Dermablend if you want to spend some money. This stuff covers everything and it doesn’t slide off. The last time I bought some it was about $20 for a small tube and you could buy it at the department store cosmetic counter.

I use the physicians formula duo concealer.

It’s AWESOME. It has a green side to conceal redness and a tan side to color the green or just any small blemish. I LOVE this stuff. It is pretty cheap too.