Is Styling Damaging My Hair?

By | October 30, 2013

damageI have been going to my stylist for about 5 years for highlights and color was doing the high lights and low lights but a few times went dark. Well about 3 months ago after I went brunette I started losing more hair than usual in the shower and noticed breakage. Last couple of times I had my hair done she didn’t want me to highlight it. But last weekend I got my hair done, she put some foils in but didn’t keep them on long. Just enough to brighten it up. I was just wondering when it will get healthier.

I do use a flat iron everyday. I need to get a Chi. I have a RUSK blow dryer. She said do to the deep treatments and get trims but that the only way of getting rid of them is to cut them off. Well I have breakage on the top of my head. So does that mean I can’t highlight my hair? Will it get worse? Any good products that will help?



It is awful on your hair, regardless if it is a CHI or not. Personally I cannot stand CHI irons, I think they are a waste of money, but I do know plenty of stylists who like them, but that’s just it, they are professional straighteners that are meant to be on all day long being used for years…that is why they cost so much money. She is right about the cutting thing, and the fact that she really doesn’t want to highlight your hair tells me that it is fairly damaged…bottom line she is turning down money to keep it healthy (sign of a good stylist).

I’d start getting some layers put in if you do not want to loose length and rock them out. In the meantime, use your heat protectant spray while blow drying, and see if you can get a Redken Chemistry Treatment…the Extreme one. It will help temporarily fuse protein into your hair, this has to be done by a professional. I know that in Illinois J C Penney and Hair Cutterys perform this service. They last 4-6 weeks and range in price from 12 to 24 dollars. This should at least make your hair more manageable, and protect it from damage a little more.