How do I keep the volume in my hair?

By | October 29, 2013

volumeOkay, when I do my hair I use root boost and spray and like for the first hour after I’m done, it looks good. It has volume, but after the first hour is just falls flat again. It is so frustrating! My hair is not thick but it isn’t really thin either. Anyone have any suggestions on KEEPING the volume and keeping it from falling flat an hour later? Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!


you use root boost form catwalk? I always use it and it works so so good! I can’t live without root boost! I have no advice, sorry- just amazed it doesn’t work for you!

I can’t afford Catwalk Root Boost. I use TRESemme’ 24 Hour Body Root Boost. I really like it. It’s just an hour later it falls flat.


I’m not sure how you style your hair, or what kind of volume you prefer, but I use Bump-Its if I don’t want to lose my top volume.

I doubt those would work since mine is reallythin. It is also kind of short at the crown so I don’t think it would cover the Bump It thing. Thanks for the suggestion though.

Yeah it’s expensive but it is AMAZING… I get it at Traget for like $13 and I usually blow dry my hair, after using root boost, with a metal round brush (not upside down) and the add a pea size amount of BedHead Control Freak lightly over my hair and I love love love it. I got all my friends to switch to the catwalk roots boost. GREAT product. I gave up manicures so I could spend more on salon products.

back combing

Good old fashioned back combing. I have pretty thick hair so the weight weighs it down and its flat in half hour. If I back comb, it stays all day, and night at times. I actually use Got2be “glue” hairspray in a yellow bottle to set it after I back comb. That stuff literally is like glue. Works wonders, plus its cheap

You can get the catwalk line at sally beauty supply for 5-6 bucks a bottle/can whatever. Just gotta look for it. if you have a sally card you get a discount also. But I have to say, I use all different kinds of product, and nothing ever seems to work for me either. I do back combing, and it just looks like crap after a while. so sorry no help. maybe try watching some tutorials on youtube. the only thing that really gives me a little oomph is blow drying upside down then spray some hairspray kinda all over crazy. but I still have to flip over and fluff quite a few times during the day. maybe try a dry shampoo.

It’s really all in the product and blow dry

Try this tip out and see if it works on your hair. Using the same product you have at home and a round brush.

  • Blow dry the back part of your head first. It’s easier if you pre section your hair with clips.
  • Have your sectioning be about 1-1.5 inches thick.
  • Blow dry the bottom and work your way up.
  • When you get closer to your crown area spray the root boost to the last 2-3 sections.
  • Now the key for the volume is this when you are blow drying the crown area stand the hair straight out and blast dry the root first then follow through to the ends. Keeping the brush action vertical.
  • You want to roll the hair back around the brush to the root and keep it there for a2-3 seconds while still hitting it with heat then brush straight up again. Do that until the it is dry.
  • The last brush through your going to cold blast the hair and cool it down.
  • Again roll it around the brush and back down to the root and hit with the cold again.
  • Repeat for the remaining sections.
  • After finishing drying the rest of your hair run your fingers through it and spray it down.

This trick should help your hair keep its volume if you are using a good spray. And you should actually cold blast it all the time to cool your hair and close the cuticle. It also helps it keep its form.If you feel that your hair still doesn’t have enough volume do a little backcombing. Set the top section aside and spray the 2nd section with a little hairspray and back comb. Use a paddle brush to smooth the top section over and there ya go!