Ion Color Brilliance Color Corrector

By | July 14, 2014

ioncolorIt worked great! I applied the corrector to her hair as though I was colouring it. And put her under a dryer for about 10-15 minutes.The black was out! I rinsed her hair with lukewarm water and applied a deep conditioning treatment that we left in for about 10 minutes. I trimmed her dead ends and gave her uniform layers.We then used a level 4g sunset brown with 20 volume which was left on for about 20 minutes and her hair was back to it’s natural colour.

Has anyone ever used this? I have a friend that dyed her hair a “natural black” box colour and she wants me to correct it, at least get it a shade or two (or three) lighter. Any advice and or recommendations will be greatly appreciated! Thank you ladies!


In my experience, colour corrector (aka colour stripper) is SUPER damaging. I used it once, and vowed NEVER to use it again. I’d gladly bleach my hair before I used that stuff again.

I’ve dyed my hair black many times, and I’ve “faded” it many times. I’ve used dish soap to fade bad colour and I’ve used a peroxide wash. Both work with no damage (for me, can’t say it won’t affect her hair), but they only work to a certain degree. They probably won’t get the 2-3 shades she wants in one shot. She will want to deep condition afterwards also, these can be very drying.

Using a lighter box dye works the best in my experience.

I have faded black dye to a medium brown using a light blonde box dye and a toner.

I would take these options, and even bleaching (also, something I’ve done many times, with little damage – until this last time), before I ever put a colour corrector on my hair again. But that’s just my opinion based on my own experience. The colour corrector actually MELTED my hair – and I mean it. It was a gooey, sticky mess – and I had to cut A LOT of my length off. And that was done by a professional!

When did she do it?

If you are aiming for a few shades try this:

Mix up some bleach then add shampoo to it. wash hair and let it sit on for a bit. Then rinse…that should have at least lightened it a level if not more. I would try this a few times if you are trying to lighten a lot. Then condition really good. You can wait a day or so between applications just to give the hair a chance to balance back out.

I have used Colour Oops, and it worked good for me!

yeah she used colour oops on her hair to take away the black and it worked like a freaking charm, plus it has no ammonia so that’s good!

As a Colour Specialist with 11 years experience,

I would highly recommend going to a pro to try and remove black artificial colour. Box colours can produce metallic salts in your hair that make it VERY difficult to remove. If the ION stuff works (never tried it, only use professional products) it will try bright orange and you will have to correct it from there. You will need an green ash colour to do this. Save yourself the trouble and go to someone that knows what they are doing.

Stripper and corrector are different,

whoever did your hair was NOT using the right product and did not know what was in your hair previously. Metallic salts MELT when exposed to ammonia bleaches. Stripper is a bleach. Corrector is not. Also, color WILL NOT lift colour, so buying another box will not lighten your hair.

Um, I AM a hairdresser.