What is a good everyday hairstyle?

By | October 25, 2013

hairstylesWhat’s your ‘go to’ hairstyle? I’m getting in a rut and been throwing it in a “mom bun”. A messy one on top of my head.


Sloppy side braid. Its quick and easy and a lot of women seem to be wearing them.

I bump up my bangs and then put it in a pony.

Messy bun or a pony

What you see in my avi is pretty much it lol

I twist it up, pin it up and spray it with garnier curling gel and hairspray.

Mine is shoulder length-ish so I can’t do anything fun with my hair so I just wear it down or pony. I like the braid in the front of hair and a pony. One thing I do not like is pig tails.

This is my natural hair, the color is mine as well except for a few highlights,but this is how my hair is almost everyday, I love it cause I don’t have to do anything with it I barely wear it up any more, and I sometimes straighten it

I usually slick it back into a pony tail.