What is the difference between line bob and angled bob

By | November 18, 2013

bob cutWhat is the difference between an a line bob cut and an angled bob? Are they the same thing? Also with these cuts, is it just a straight cut, or do people get long layers put in it also??


Different names mean different things to different stylists. To me, they would be the same. Also, the issue of layers would be up to the individual or to individual’s hair type. My hair would be way too think to not do layers, but someone with finer hair would be fine without layers.

Thank you so much for answering my question.I have extremely thick hair, so if I did an angle bob, would you suggest layers? if I didn’t do layers do you think it would make my hair look to puffed out on the sides?

My hair is super thick and I wear a stacked ( A line, inverted) bob. I have to have layers or I look like I have dog ears! I also razor through it to thin it out! I am a stylist and would recommend that you go to someone that you have seen their work as this is one of the hardest cuts to do especially on thick hair!

I agree it is the same thing and it is VERY hard to find someone to do it right

When you see it on someone ask them where they go, they should tell you because you are giving them a compliment by asking them and if they don’t then ask the next person you see and like because they don’t know if you’ve only asked them or 100 people

Wow, I wish you lived in the area so you could do my hair

I do have another question, if you don’t mind. Ok my hair is naturally really curly.I ALWAYS straighten it. Well I was sick of it being long, and wearing it up all of the time. On mothers day I said screw it and chopped it off myself! Yes I had had it.So its about to the middle of my neck, of course it all uneven. I have an apt on sat to get it cut and fixed.

I would like to have it like yours, but maybe just a tiny bit longer in the back. I’m going to post a pic and we’ll you let me know what you think about if I do that? or if it would work with my hair.I am SCARED to death because I’ve never had it this short before.Its really thick too.I don’t want to scream running out of the hair salon. My mom has hers pretty short and in a bob, it looks good on her. I’m going to the same lady that did her hair.