How Can I Curl My Hair?

By | March 25, 2014

curlyI want to know how to curl my hair like in the pic. I’m so frustrated my hair is hard to curl and I went and had it done like this. I tried tonight and I failed horribly. At first I got a cheap 1.5 inch curling iron and it didn’t heat up for crap so I bought a 45 dollar one and it still barely did it and I had to use so much hairspray and they fell out before I even attempted to curl 3 more pieces of hair. I’m at my wits end!


  1. First of all take a deep breath and relax.
  2. Second, if you got that 45 dollar iron at Sally’s return it, they have a 90 day return policy, if your didn’t, how hot does it get? Does it have a temp gauge?
  3. Your hair appears to be pretty straight, so for one, I wouldn’t condition it if you want to wear it this way, and if you can get through it with out too much trauma with a comb. If you can’t, then I would use a very light leave-in concentrated on the ends to comb it out.
  4. Then, I would use a volumizing foam, I love Amplify Mousse, or Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Root Lifter, apply, comb to distribute evenly, and blow-dry upside down to create some texture to the hair to help it “grab” the curl. Next, if you want your curls to be loose like that, you will need to curl it tighter for it to last.
  5. I would go with a 3/4 inch to 1 inch barrel, and alternate the size of your sections. Maybe a half inch section, and maybe a one inch section, you get my idea.
  6. While curling, I would use some kind of thermal setting spray for each section before curling it, then after it is curled spray lightly with a flexible, workable spray.
  7. After you finish, I would find a styling mud, emulsify it in you palms, and lightly pull through your curls from underneath a couple of times.
  8. Shake upside down and spray. Don’t wory if it looks a little too curly right now, with your texture it will relax right out and look great with in the hour.


I’m going to try thing. my curling iron goes to 375 degrees. The lady who did my hair this was made it look so easy. just a couple squirts of hairspray a d that was it.