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Hair Questions & Answers

Ion Color Brilliance Color Corrector

It worked great! I applied the corrector to her hair as though I was colouring it. And put her under a dryer for about 10-15 minutes.The black was out! I rinsed her hair with lukewarm water and applied a deep conditioning treatment that we left in for about 10 minutes. I trimmed her dead ends […]

How Can I Curl My Hair?

I want to know how to curl my hair like in the pic. I’m so frustrated my hair is hard to curl and I went and had it done like this. I tried tonight and I failed horribly. At first I got a cheap 1.5 inch curling iron and it didn’t heat up for crap […]

What is the difference between line bob and angled bob

What is the difference between an a line bob cut and an angled bob? Are they the same thing? Also with these cuts, is it just a straight cut, or do people get long layers put in it also?? Answers: Different names mean different things to different stylists. To me, they would be the same. […]

How do you make your hair grow faster?

I have 2 questions: 1. Anyone know of something that makes your hair grow faster? A pill, a product whatever it seems like mine hasn’t grown in 5 months. 2. What acne product have ya’ll found that works the best? Thanks Ya’ll Answers: I can answer the first question for you. Take prenatal vitamins they […]

Which is the best flat iron for under $60

I am in need of a new straightener and don’t know what to get. I have thick hair that can be pretty stubborn. With the one I am currently using, I have to go over it quite a few times to get it anywhere close to how I want it. I do not want to […]

Is Styling Damaging My Hair?

I have been going to my stylist for about 5 years for highlights and color was doing the high lights and low lights but a few times went dark. Well about 3 months ago after I went brunette I started losing more hair than usual in the shower and noticed breakage. Last couple of times […]

Can I use hair dye while breastfeeding

Can any of you tell me if it’s OK to dye my hair while I breastfeed? I know that I could after the first trimester of pregnancy, but not sure if the chemicals will cross into my milk or not. Answers: I am not a beautician but did breastfeed and asked my lactation consultant and […]

How do I keep the volume in my hair?

Okay, when I do my hair I use root boost and spray and like for the first hour after I’m done, it looks good. It has volume, but after the first hour is just falls flat again. It is so frustrating! My hair is not thick but it isn’t really thin either. Anyone have any […]

What is a good everyday hairstyle?

What’s your ‘go to’ hairstyle? I’m getting in a rut and been throwing it in a “mom bun”. A messy one on top of my head. Answers: Sloppy side braid. Its quick and easy and a lot of women seem to be wearing them. I bump up my bangs and then put it in a […]