What is a good liquid foundation for acne?

By | October 23, 2013

acneI have been using Neutrogena Skn-Clearing foundation for years but my skin has been getting more acne lately so I want to try something else. My skin is not oily, the pimples may be from my meds. I am hoping a different brand will help at least some. Thanks!


Almay has a medicated type

It’s oil free and says it has a little bit of medication in it to help clear up skin. It’s the yellow one, I can’t remember right off hand the actual name. Maybe try that. I use it and it’s really light weight.

I have acne pretty bad and I LOVE the Mary Kay foundation. I just started using it about a month 1/2 ago……and I’m using I think its clean and clear 4 hour rapid clear or something like that and its working great!

Foundation is NOT going to help clear up your acne but you can use one that is oil-free and non-comedogenic so it won’t clog your pores and make your skin worse. Try using an acne skin care regimen to help get rid of the acne.

Neutrogena Skin Clearing is amazing.

They also have a concealer stick that is medicated. I highly recommend it.

Have you tried neutro’s newer acne geared line microclear? I switched to this one this year.

I agree with this. Also using one medicated with salicylic acid may dry out your skin in turn that will make it produce more oil. (Speaking from experience here)

Agree it balances your skin tone, imperfections and protects your skin for the elements..you need to get on a good skin care system to clear up your acne and balance out your skin. Let me know if you have any questions.

I love Mary Kay but I love the moneral powder even better than the liquid! So much so that I joined over 2 years ago.

Everything I have tried breaks me out except CoverGirl or the more expensive lines ( Lancome, Estee Lauder, etc.). I usually will just buy CoverGirl.
Maybeline made me break out bad! I won’t use anything but there mascara now.

Try a tinted acne cream.

Clean and Clear and Clearasil both have a tinted cream that could easily double as a foundation. Look for them in the acne products sections in a tube. I would also suggest using a medicated moisturizer before using the tinted creams.

  • Exfoliate & cleanse at least once a week this really helps.
  • Cleanse daily of course
  • Tone after cleansing always.
  • Moisturize daily of course.

These steps with any mixture of the right ingredients keep away acne and keeps you looking youthful. benzolperoxide alphahydroxy, salicylic acid. Try to get one of these in each product you use. For example a cleanser with alphahydroxy, a toner with benzolperoxide and a moisture with salicylic acid.