How do I find the right shade of foundation for my skin?

By | November 7, 2013

foundation swatchesI can’t seem to find the right shade of base to match my skin. It’s always to dark or too light. I also have very oily skin so everything I put on it breaks it out. Anyone have any suggestions?


I have the same problem. Plus it seems like my neck is a different color than my face.  Bare Escentuals is what I have started using. It’s a little pricey but now I wouldn’t use anything else. And the kit that I bought has 2 different shades of foundation so you can mix until you get the right one. And it’s good for oily skin – no more plastic face!

I tried that and it didn’t seem to work that well.

I really like bare naturals by loreal

it looks natural and they have a ting by the display at most walgreens that you just put this plastic thing over your hand or arm for matching.

Check out the makeup counters at the department store.

When you see a sample that looks close to your skin color, take a little bit and apply it to the jaw line. If it matches your face and neck (and there is no line of demarcation…aka..Dashboard Neck) you’ve found your proper shade. The Cosmetic Counter Clerk should be able to help you out as well. It’s a bit trickier at say Walmart or the drug store but a lot of companies are now offering a refund if the shade you chose isn’t correct. I know that Rite Aid Pharmacy out here does that now!

Come check out artistry all natural make up, you cannot see the make up. It makes my skin glow. I have people tell me that my skin looks like the models! wow! that made me happy! Anyway, try artistry oily foundation. Try the cameo if you have light light skintone or the  natural color for just light, and you only need a few drops the best part of this product is that you do not feel like you have cover up on! I love it.