What is the best matte finish foundation for oily skin?

By | October 23, 2013

foundationI have used Studio Fix by MAC, Smashbox, and Sephora brand Foundation, and they all look all oily. What do you guys find to be the best actual liquid brand for a Matte Finish? I got a Matte extra light powder today to put over it for now.


I am devoted to Bare Minerals.

Oh, I’ve used that too. sorry, that doesn’t have the right finish.

I just started using the creme to powder type from Mary Kay. One of my friends started selling it so I decided I’d try it, and I love it! I agree about the Bare Minerals, it still had that oily look on me also.

I actually used to use Lancome’s Tiente Idole

It is matte finish and oil free. That always worked for me. But I always carried my compact powder with me to touch up my nose. It is a bit pricey I think… around the $30 range. I haven’t really tried too many others. I have tried Mary Kay’s Medium foundation and it was decent also as far as having the finish your looking for. Hope that helps.

Have you tried the MAC with a primer?

Or any of those with a primer?

how about the MUFE velvet ? or have you tried a mattifying primer? Oh, someone on youtube did a review on some stuff she uses to keep her face looking matte. I use bare minerals and that works well on me but yeah, try either a primer or the MUFE

I did use the mac primer with the studio fix.

that was what I was using but it was too heavy for my skin, and so it made me break out so I just went back to the foundation and it was oily looking still. But it was good if it didn’t make my face breakout. I just cant use something TOO heavy.

Bare minerals has one out, I have been using it for about a month so far it’s worked pretty good