Does Bare Minerals Makeup really work?

By | October 23, 2013

bare MineralsI was thinking of buying the makeup but its pretty costly and I don’t want to waste money if it doesn’t cover up. Anyone like it? Dislike it?


I didn’t see a difference.

You can get a free sample with just paying the shipping.

I LOVE it.

I’ve been using it for 5 years. I do see a huge difference in my complexion…All you need is the Prime Time, Foundation, the warmth and a kabuki brush…so need for all the other stuff… My warmth lasts 6 months nd my foundation lasts 3 months( I use it every day, pretty heavy) the Prime time lasts bout 2 months…and I get a new brush every 2 years…Hope this helps.

Good luck when/if you try it.

I didn’t work for me. I had extremely high hopes. I have not perfect – but not horrible skin & it’s kind of oily. But I found that unless you had a good complexion to start with…then it didn’t do much in the way of coverage. I fully accept that maybe I didn’t have the right color or brush. I used a kabuki-style brush – but not B.E. brand. I just am used to the coverage of a liquid foundation (MAC Studio Fix Fluid). Again, good luck should you try it!

I bought a cheaper kind off of e-bay for way cheaper and I really like it. Came with all kinds of stuff for $20. I would say it’s just as good as the real stuff. I tried both. I’ve been using it for 2 years. I also have acne and it is a life saver.

Yes, It really works!

I love it and have been using it for 6 yrs now. I like that it doesn’t give your face that “make up line” like the liquid stuff does. and it doesn’t feel heavy either. I like to use a moisturizer with sunscreen before i put on the minerals.

It did NOT work for me.

It totally ate my skin up! Dried it out and irritated it. It made my face peel and itch. I’m sure I just have sensitive skin, definitly try it out first. I hate that I spent all of that money for nothing. The people who love it, LOVE IT

when I first tried it I absolutely hated it

it made my face look super glittery. so, i thought “great, something else i just wasted money on.” a few weeks later i tried it again b/c i wasn’t feeling my liquid foundation…i applied it and really buffed it in and it looked marvellous. it made my skin look absolutely radiant. my skin is oily/combo, w/huge pores and BE seemed to control oil and diminish the huge-ness of my pores. if you want a natural look, slightly dewy (not greasy) this stuff is it. i applied primer before and i used mineral veil w/it. the coverage is buildable, just buff/place/put/whatever on the spots where you need more coverage;) i don’t use it all the time because I switch foundations depending on the occasion. it’s lasted a long time. i’d say it’s a good foundation for daily use (running errands, etc.).

I love it! It is very natural looking…and covers my dark circles under my eyes. But the best thing is that is really looks great in pictures. You need to by a kit that includes the brushes to save money. I think it’s 60 bucks at target. The brushes really help apply. And this isn’t like normal make-up. You only need a little bit of the powder. I don’t care for the blush. I think there is a tutorial that comes with the kit, watch it.

I would almost guarantee the irritation was from the bismuth oxychloride they use in their products. If you are still wanting to use a mineral makeup, find a company that does not use bismuth oxychloride or magnesium stearate as they are known irritants. Many companies have samples you can get to make sure you like it before you buy a full size product.

I love,love, love it!

I won’t put anything else on my face… with that being said: If your looking for something to “cover/hide” things on you skin… this will NOT! I have freckle’s and I don’t mind them.. but this makeup does not cover them.

My mom was all about it for a while until i finally told her to stop wasting her money…she would spend forever putting it on and then come out looking like she only had put a little brown eyshadow on it didnt cover up anything.

Thank you very much for the recommendation. My uncle is a dermatologist and he told me to stay away from minerals all together, that they are very irritating to dry skin. I’m sure that he doesn’t know everything about every brand, but it really hurt my skin so I’ll just stick to liquid.

I did want to say, though, that I really like the Bare Minerals “well-rested” for under my eyes. I still use this every day, I guess that skin doesn’t get irritated.

my mom ordered it for me & I really liked it a lot, especially the “well rested” powder cause i have dark circles. Unfortunately a few months into using it–I developed i guess an allergy to it>my face started feeling super itchy after i would apply the face powder & it was well within expiration…….so I don’t use it any longer.

I Love my bare minerals.

The only downside is that the brushes suck. I got my minerals for Xmas 4 years ago and use nothing but that ever since.

It does work I used it for quite awhile then it started to make my skin itch at times . I’ve switched to Alima it cost about the same with better results . There is also Everyday Minerals , they are way cheaper, I haven’t sampled them yet . I have to say since I’ve switched from liquid foundation to mineral foundation my skin looks way better .

It LOOKS good, but I am having some type of reaction to the “warmth” where when I wipe it off, it stains my skin red for days, and I also noticed the foundation is giving me little bumps all over my face. This seems to be pretty common, if you google it.

It’s very good at evening out skin tone, but to cover any blemishes, I have to apply extra with a concealer brush. Lately I’ve been using MAC Studio Fix Fluid and liking it a lot.

Have you tried bare naturale from loreal? I use that and its only like $14.00 form walmart it has great coverage but make sure you have a good primer and its not good for people who have oily skin but nor is bare minerals,the sheer is too shiny and the matte doesn’t last long from shine,bare naturale also has better coverage to me

I bought some 3 years ago.

I do not like it. It makes my face look shiny for some reason. I do not like their eye shadows either. Just didn’t work out for me and I wasted my money.

Yes, just make sure you follow the instructions and use soft circular motion with the Kabul brush. The softer the touch, the better and just keep moving until you get the coverage you want.

I’ve tried both, the original looked too dewy but covered nothing and the matte looked cakey no matter how little I used or how much I tried to blend it in.

I have been using this stuff for 6 years. I have tried other products that are similar and always come back to this one. It covers flaws amazingly well and feels very light. I love, love love it and will not use anything else.