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Foundation Questions & Answers

Questions and answers about foundation cosmetics: how to use them effectively, which ones are best for certain skin types etc. To have a question appear here please post it on the contact us page.

Good But Cheap Mineral Foundation

I want to first say please don’t try to sell me your product. I want serious answers please. I am trying to find mineral foundation that is as good but maybe less expensive than what I’m using now. I’ve been using Arbonne for the past two years, and it’s the best I’ve ever used as […]

Alternatives To Bare Escentuals

Bare Escentuals made my face really itchy, BUT I loved the way it made my skin look. I was wondering if there was something similar I could buy? Answers: All mineral foundations have different ingredients in them. Check the ingredient list on your foundation and compare it to others. I know some people are allergic […]

How do you choose the right color powder foundation?

How do you tell if the color is right if you are choosing a different brand than you are use to? I have bought 3 so far and they are not my color but they are close. I remember someone telling me that you hold it next to your jaw line and it should match….is […]

How do I find the right shade of foundation for my skin?

I can’t seem to find the right shade of base to match my skin. It’s always to dark or too light. I also have very oily skin so everything I put on it breaks it out. Anyone have any suggestions? Answers: I have the same problem. Plus it seems like my neck is a different […]

Can you have an allergic reaction to foundation?

A month or so ago I posted pics of my acne and someone contacted me on how to help it. and its only gotten worse. the thing is, I think its an allergic reaction to the foundation I use. I do have sensitive skin. The reason why I think so is because the path that […]

How to use face primer?

So I just started using bare escentuals oil free face primer. I love that it controls my oily spots all day. I’ve been seeing a derm. For my acne and she has me on a topical cream that makes my skin look like it’s peeling and I have to use a moisturizer. So I guess […]

What is the best matte finish foundation for oily skin?

I have used Studio Fix by MAC, Smashbox, and Sephora brand Foundation, and they all look all oily. What do you guys find to be the best actual liquid brand for a Matte Finish? I got a Matte extra light powder today to put over it for now. Answers: I am devoted to Bare Minerals. […]

Does Bare Minerals Makeup really work?

I was thinking of buying the makeup but its pretty costly and I don’t want to waste money if it doesn’t cover up. Anyone like it? Dislike it? Answers: I didn’t see a difference. You can get a free sample with just paying the shipping. I LOVE it. I’ve been using it for 5 years. […]

What is a good liquid foundation for acne?

I have been using Neutrogena Skn-Clearing foundation for years but my skin has been getting more acne lately so I want to try something else. My skin is not oily, the pimples may be from my meds. I am hoping a different brand will help at least some. Thanks! Answers: Almay has a medicated type […]