NYX Eye Makeup

By | October 27, 2014

NYXEyeMakeupI’ve heard mixed reviews about this brand, but I really like their prices. I’m mainly looking at their eye make up. Any reviews anyone would like to add? I don’t want to buy it and then it really sucks! So I’m open for everyone’s review on this, thanks!


My eyebrows are done with their black eyeshadow and the purple that I used is a NYX color too. I mix both inexpensive into my looks – everyone would swear its MAC (nothing I’m wearing in this pick is) I only use their shadows, lip glosses have an odd smell/taste to them-but maybe that’s just me, doesn’t seem to stay long enough.

Urban Decay eye primer

Very pretty eyes you have going on, I like the colors a lot. So they look to be pigmented well and seem to blend nicely by the pic above that’s a plus!

Yeah I’m trying to get more make up without spending a bundle, I bought the Urban Decay eye primer potion (so excited about) and I want to get the Kat Von D eyeshadow pallet in Beethoven (I think it’s Beethoven?), but that’s the only expensive items that I want to get on my list. I love MAC, but they’re too much for me at the moment so I’m trying to find cheaper, yet good products! BTW I tried E.L.F. products and hated them, the only one I semi liked was the creme eye shadow and that was it, so it it’s anything like that I will have to pass!

I Love NYX

I stopped spending a lot less at the MAC counter. Nice pigments but hard to find. I’m a fan of testing products out (put some on my hand or arm) before spending money. The closest place to buy NYX (for me) is about a half hour away. It’s worth burning the gas IMO. I get so overwhelmed when I go because there are so many colors to choice from!

Ok so 2 good reviews so far Lol, that’s why I’m scared to buy them because I would have to order them off line without “testing” them out first. There isn’t a store near me either.

Ok, this is my opinion. You get what you pay for right? BUT, NYX has AMAZING colors that go on strong, not like a lot of the other cheaper brands. Honestly, they have beautiful colors! Anyway, what I would do and have done personally is put makeup primer on my eyes first and then use the product so it will last longer.

Go buy a couple colors, they are cheap and test it yourself! I like it.

MAC alternative

Man that sucks. Make sure you view youtube for reviews as well. I can’t remember if I heard about them from there or here. It’s definitely a MAC alternative.

Wow a MAC alternative! That’s awesome, I’ll have to check out youtube as well, thanks! I’m at work right now so I will have to check into that later.

I was surprised to see nyx at my Longs drug store. I also hear CVS carries them but I haven’t found one near me that does. I say call around to your different drug stores to see if they may carry it. I also like their lipsticks. There’s been some mention that you can buy their round lipstick line for $1 online at cherry culture I think. I like the diamonds lipstick set because of how shimmery it is but if you’re not into a bold look on your lips then the diamonds line may not be for you. Definitely try buying something from the line at least if you’re not blown away it wont blow the bank.

I love NYX too

I recently found a girl on youtube that sells NYX for really good..I bought 10 eyeshadows ans 4 brushes and 3 jumbo crayons and spent 50.00 I’m doing a review on it tomorrow on youtube ill make sure and let u all know in case you are interested, here’s a few pics I only used NYX products