How do I get my eyelashes to stand out?

By | October 24, 2013

I need some advice. when I do my eyes, meaning put on mascara, they don’t feel like they “sparkle”. I want my lashes to be perfect and long! I feel like my eyes don’t stand out enough. do you know what I mean? maybe I am using the wrong mascara or I’m not applying the right way.

elHere’s a pic of what my eyes usually look like after i put on my makeup. they look weird! give me your honest opinion!

see how my lashes are like all going in different directions? and they are clumpy too! UGH they look like SH*T! i want them to look like the women’s in the commercials!


An eyelash curler does wonders & I use Spectra lash by AVON. It has Up to 8x the volume. With the innovative spectra dial, you can customize your lashes to build volume for any occasion or mood. More volume. More options. No clumps or flakes.

All Avon mascaras are hypoallergenic and opthalmologist-tested.

I have also used lash blast by covergirl.

Yeah a lash curl may help control the direction of your lashes a bit. As for making your eyes stand out, I’m all about some eyeliner and jet black mascara. (Can’t leave home without it!) Max Factor 2000 Calorie is awesome! It doesn’t clump either which is good. I just put on several coats one after another until my lashes are as thick and dark as I want. Putting eyeliner on and smudging it a bit will help exaggerate your eyes and mascara too.

Another thing I do to help separate them, is to rock the mascara wand back and forth as I apply it.– if that makes sense.

Totally agree on the liner

it darkens the base of your lashes so it really makes it look like you got some serious hair going on there LOL try a curler, try a clean mascara wand to brush them out after you put on your mascara, or one of those lash/brow brushes, super cheap. I love the buxom mascara by bare minerals, it has a nice big brush, but I hear the Rimmel sexy curls is pretty good too and 1/2 the price. I have been tempted in the past by the exact tubes and the other ones with primers, but my lashes feel even shorter than before when I take those off, yuck !

I use Covergirl Lash Blast in the orange tube. It’s pretty reasonably priced and it makes my lashes really stand out!

Agree on the lash curler

It may just be the picture, but your mascara looks a little clumpy. Make sure that you never pump your wand up & down when it is in the tube to get mascara on it. Always turn it when it is in the tube. Pumping it up & down will put air in the tube causing it to dry out and get clumpy.

Avon does have some great mascaras. I LOVE their SuperShock. They are also coming out with a new one that I can’t wait to try called SuperExtend.

The girls in the commercials usually wear falsies and it could be a good way to go if you aren’t getting what you want. there are some good tutorials on how to apply them too. I sometimes use the individual pieces and build up the outer corner of my eyes but anyway, just a side note there.

I didn’t like my eyelashes either, too thin, not noticeable enough. I just got my first set of fake eyelashes and I love them! I just went for natural so it wouldn’t look like a costume accesory. Try it! Big difference, and you’ll have those eyelashes you see on commercials!

Maybelline XXL

Use an eyelash curler. I prefer the Maybelline XXL  because they have a primer on one side, and the actual mascara on the other. Apply the primer, take a clean mascara wand/spooly (you can get a pack at Sally beauty for like 2 or 3 bucks), and comb them through until they are the way you like them, let the primer dry, then apply the actual colored , mascara on top.

I like the double extend from loreal (red and white tube). when doing my eye liner i sort of do a cat eye and put on that mascara and I always get compliments

this is a easy fix, which i discovered yesterday! use a wide open brush, the walmart mascar called mascara something, i do not have in front of me, is in the car… is like 2.99 or 1.99. it has the best brushes of every other ones, and is cheap.

When you put it on separate eyelashes with it, not to much stuff on it. then when they are separated , do another coat with more stuff, then close your eye, and tap the actual brush on the upper lid where the eyelashes are located…. it will make like dots on your skin, it creates volume and pazzas to the actual lashes, u can do it to bottom 2, just set it on there to mark brush dots! they also make an eyelash conditioner that looks like mascara that you put on before.. but i don’t have lashes that go different ways like yours

I agree with everything all the above said

Definitely an eyelash curler. I use one of the metal ones, and I always warm it up a bit w/ the hair dryer, and that curls even more- but be very careful doing that, you can burn your lid! Also, definitely some smudged eyeliner, and some eyeshadow. IMO it takes more than just mascara to make your eyes pop. I wear a ton of eye makeup.

It could be your mascara

Make sure that you are changing it out every 3 months. Don’t pump the wand, it dries it out faster plus it puts more bacteria in. To make them thicker, rock the brush back and forth at the base. To make them longer, turn the wand vertical and stoke up. Eye lash curler first is a must and not just once but multiple times up the lash.

But a good mascara really helps too. I have a great mascara that I use.

I use an eyelash curler you can also use ur blow dryer to heat it up (just a lil so u dont burn yourself) or get a self heating one and that will help em to stay longer. then apply i find the more short strokes i make the ickier they look, usually one or two coats from base out rocking a little bit back and forth. and never pump your wand in the tube that just adds air and dries it out making it clumpy.

I use Lash Blast by Cover Girl and love it

I’ve also heard and it works for me, that if you can do both eyes without dipping the wand back in the mascara you are using quality brand.

I agree..I use this one too and the Buxom from bare minerals..those are my favorite the ones with large rubber wands!

By the way hun I heard one time in a tv show that the models in commercials have fake eyelashes on they don’t look like that naturally.if you want the look wear fake lashes..they look awesome..i use them but only when there’s a special occasion..for everyday i use just my mascara but always curl before.

ELF has a great lash curler for cheap. It looks like you need a better mascara and curl lashes BEFORE you applyit,  Squeeze Gently and move the curler from the base of the lashes to the end. I suggest “bad gal lash” from benefit use a primer.

Like the others said, use an eyelash curler, put at least a little eyeliner right on the eyelash line, it helps a ton, also use the loreal eyelash growth serum stuff at night. I love Maybelline Colassal mascara.

Looks like you might have a bit of “eyelash bedhead” going on…that is what i call it. If I dont get my lashes wet and then apply the mascara they will go all kitty wompus. Mine will look really bad if I just get up out of bed and apply it. I have to splash them with water about 10 times and apply the mascara within about 20 minutes after that or it just doesn’t work. Hope that helps.

I echo the recommendations for an eyelash curler and eyeliner for your top lash line. I use dark brown or charcoal because black is too harsh looking with my coloring. Apply as close as possible to the lash line and slightly smudge for a softer look. You can use the comb side of an eyebrow brush to try to smooth out your lashes. I use Caster Oil once in a while (at night) and find it really helps them grow (or at least appear) longer, just use a tiny amount so it doesn’t get in your eyes. What mascara are you using? I didn’t read all the replies so if you answered that there, sorry. :) My favorite is plain old Cover Girl Pro (curved wand).

Same here. Use an eyelash curler and eyeliner. Smudge the eyeliner a bit. and line the inside of your top lid. Wiggle the mascara wand at the base of your lashes, then wait about 60 sec and go over them with the tip of the wand pointed slightly down. That will pull the lashes straight up! Add two coats, and you should be good to go!

Eyelash curler, liner at base of lashes, and I LOVE Maybelline Full & Soft waterproof mascara. Your eyes are beautiful by the way! Post an after pic please?

A trick my mom taught me that works great is to first curl your lashes and heat the curler briefly with your blow dryer.

  • Curl your lashes and use a thin coat of black mascara.
  • Roll the wand on a tissue to get the excess off.
  • Then take some loose powder and a big fluffy brush, like a face powder brush, and apply a light layer of powder on your lashes.
  • Then put another coat on.
  • Wait for the mascara to dry and then curl them again.

It will thicken your lashes and look almost as though you have falsies on.

Here a good video for you: