What is a good highlighter?

By | November 4, 2013

HighlighterI’ve never used a highlighter. How to I apply it to my face and where? Do you have a favorite kind? What about face primers? Thanks in advance for any help!


I know nothing about the highlighter or anything, but I use a face primer from MAC. I just squirt it on my wrist and use my brush to apply it all over face after my moisturizer has dried of course.

I feel like an idiot lol, but you put it on before foundation right? What does it help with?

You apply a highlighter shade above your blush on top of your cheekbone my favorite is soft and gentle MSF by MAC I know a lot of people use physicians formula shimmer strips as well but I’ve never tried it. As for primer I don’t really use an all over one but I use cliniques t zone shine control in my tzone & it gives me a matte finish & no shine. I’m waiting to get paid so I can try the new primer from the MAC colour ready collection! Primer is basically supposed to smooth out your skin, give it an even texture, and fill in lines and pores before u apply foundation and after moisturizer. I use clinique moisture surge as a moisturizer and I’ve noticed it gives my skin a satin like finish so it sort of acts as a primer. Hope this helped and didn’t seemed like a bunch of rambling.

Oil Free

Thanks so much, this helps a ton! Is there a primer that is oil free?

highlighters look good also in the inner-corners of your eyes, and lightly on your brow bone. mSmashbox and Bare Essentials make oil free ones.