Good eyeshadow brushes & how to use them?

By | October 24, 2013

BRUSHESI was wondering how you ladies get your eyeshadow so bold when you use makeup brushes. I have noticed that when I use brushes they seem to mute the color, so to speak. I’ve heard of some people dipping their brush in water first. Will that work with mineral shadow? I use all Mary Kay products if that helps any. Also, my brushes are MK as well. Thanks in advance.


Well water will work, it’s called foiling, however, I’ve found that they don’t stick as well, you can try visine, even the generic brand of it and it will work. also, try using a color base, you know, if you’re using pastel colors then use a white base like nyx jumbo in milk, there’s also the Revlon cream shadows. the trick is to still use a primer (like UDPP) apply the color base no higher than your crease and go from there.

I use a stuff eyeshadow brush and pack it on

Not the fluffy tip brushes. And don’t sweep in on your eye cause it will just flake off. You want to pack and press it onto the eyelid. And Yes you can use visine or a touch of water. And I always use a primer and a shadow base! It should work on mineral eyeshadows.

brushYea this is what I do too

Don’t do the “windshield wiper motion” while putting on mineral makeup. You have to use the thin brush and kind of “pat” it on. If that makes sense.

Like this brush. Mine is just a little shorter in the hair length.

That’s the kind of brush I use too. And, yes, that did make sense

Well that will definitely solve some of my problems

I sweep on my shadow and it ends up all over my damn face! HAHAH. ok I’m not sure what “pack and press” means though…I have an idea but i wanna make sure I’m right…is there a tutorial for this? you girls are awesome! I feel like such a dork sometimes! I’m kinda like a makeup virgin, although I have been wearing makeup since I was like 12…ive been doing a lot wrong that’s for sure! I’ve learned a lot of helpful tips here!

I’m sure there is tuts on it. Just search on youtube. I’ll try and find one.