How to get eyeshadow to last longer?

By | October 24, 2013

eyeshadow-last-longerI have recently stopped wearing eye shadow when I go to work. Towards the end of the day (especially in the Phoenix summer) it just looks blah! My SO wants me to try MAC make-up as soon as we’re financially able to do so. I don’t even know how much MAC costs. But can you ladies give me some tips on some eye shadows that don’t wear out in a 9 hour period?


Are you using a primer? Eye primer is a MUST. And smashbox is good. If you have Sephora, or even online, they have good pigmented eyeshadow for $12 a single shadow and 16 for a duo. They aren’t too expensive and last! But definitely if you order online or go to sephora get a sample of Stay Don’t Stray by Benefit. Its a great eye primer! And the sample will last a long while!

Ah well there are some great alternatives out there to MAC if you aren’t wanting to pay the MAC prices. Don’t get me wrong I love MAC but there is cheaper things out there that are just as good.
One tip you need to make sure you use a primer. It will help keep your shadow on longer and with less wear off throughout the day. A lot of women swear by Urban Decay Potion (UDPP). I use ELF ( primer and it’s $1. For me it works great. But some women don’t like it. It just depends on personal preference I guess.

Also you can use a base to make it last longer

When I wear bright colors and I want them to be bold I use my primer and then I put on a base. I use the NYX Jumbo Pencils. They come in all different colors and they are $3.50 a piece. But you can find them on Ebay for cheap.

honey, it’s not how much the eyeshadow costs (mac is $14.50 each btw) it’s how you apply it and what you use underneath. A primer will keep your shadow on looking pretty good all day long. It doesn’t matter what brand they are, some cheap shadows have better pay off than some expensive ones, don’t get sucked in by the brand. I don’t have anything against Mac, I use it all the time, but I’m not a total mac head!

I agree with everyone else, it’s all in the primer! Also, I just started using model in a bottle, it’s finishing spray you spray on your face after you apply all your makeup, I love the stuff, it really sets my makeup!


I have found that I do get sucked into the brand sometimes. I need to find other inventive ways. I actually do have a primer, it’s from GloProfessionals. I work at a golf club and we have a spa boutique. The spa director buys Glo for retail and she gives me a discount. It’s not bad but I want some bold and bright colors. I’m starting to get into the shimmery stuff. I will definitely be looking into what you guys suggested. Thanks!

How do you guys apply your primer? Do you use a brush? Finger? Q-tip?

Mine comes with a wand applicator

I usually just dot some on my lid and then rub it in with my finger.

MAC is nice but I think you can get just as good colors and quality eyeshadows for cheaper. Also be sure to use a good primer. It really helps keep the shadows on all day! I use Urban Decay Potion and my shadow stays on from 8 am until midnight if I leave it on that long!