What color eyeshadow for a job interview?

By | October 24, 2013

eyeshadowI have an interview for a job which colour eyeshadow should I wear with a deep purple blouse? I don’t want to be matchy matchy so no purple.


I think a smoky eye with a hint of purple will be beautiful

I would definitely go neutral! and probably go matte!

Exactly. Job interview = neutrals!

I would definitely recommend neutral

Keep it toned down. not too bright or shimmery. Maybe a soft mauve (matte) or browns. Good luck on your interview!

I have to agree that neutral (matte) is much more appropriate for an interview. Depending on the job you’re going for, the other neutral but shimmery look may be appropriate later. I would not suggest you lead with it as a first impression though.

Light grey or light pink/or blue