What Color Eye Shadow For Brown Eyes

By | March 4, 2014

brown-eyesWhat color of eye shadow would make my brown eyes stand out more?


Gold, A yellow shimmer, pink, orangey

(Warm colors) just about anything besides black or blue.

Golds, Soft Browns, and Darker Browns would be gorgeous. It all depends on if you prefer to go ‘flashy’ or with ‘earth tones.’


a light dusting of lavender shadow makes both brown and green eyes stand out dramatically.

Suttle Pink would look great on you with a brown eyeliner over it.

Purples make brown eyes stand out. Check out Almay’s line. They have an eyeshadow trio, mascara and eyeliner made for brown eyes. I bought them all and I LOVE them! The also have the same for green and blue eyes as well.

I have hazel eyes.

Which are three different colors in one. What color eyeshadow should I use. I usually use a dark color. Like greens and browns.

I have hazel also and I wear whatever tone I want, purples, browns, pinks, black, greens, they all good on me! A lot of it has to to how you apply it. I get a lot of ideas from you tube, aboywearingmakup, he is so awesome!

Greens, Smokey Taupes and Lavenders When you are picking colors for your skin tone, stick with natural, subtle tones. If you have a fair complexion, it is best to stay away from dark colors. For dark skinned women, you should stay away from white or light tones; look for eyeshadows that are deep with color. Really you can wear any hue you want and it will look good. What color is you hair? I used to work for Clinique. So, I am used to choosing shades. After looking at your Picture I think warm Browns and Greens would be really nice on you. Also, You might try the brown family and then use a darker blue just at the outer corner of the eye. Make sure you blend well blending is key. also put a little blue under the outer corner of the eye.