Where can I find a good eye primer?

By | October 23, 2013

eye primerI have read somewhere that no matter what brand eye shadow you have, making it last the whole working day is “all about the primer!” So, I went looking for one today. Couldn’t find it. I currently use an Almay concealer and eye foundation in a tube for eyes. But, it doesn’t work for more then a few hours really.

Then my make up fades and smears and I look like an over worked, under paid hooker at the end of the night with make up in all the wrong spots! Can you buy Primer in a drug store or do I have to order online or find a in mall MAC store? Will it say PRIMER on the package? Everything I see says “foundation” or “Concealer” even if the pages says for eyes or has an eye pictured on it like the Almay junk I have. A little help for a very frustrated newbie.


You can use Neutragena 3 in 1 eye creme. it’s in a little tube. You pick it according to your color. That’s if you want to go the inexpensive route. I saw this by luck on clearance one day, bought it and it worked awesome as a primer/base eye shadow lasted all day.

I am going to look for it tomorrow. I am not able to do fancy make up so I stick to the drug store brands, just cheaper you know? I also don’t even wear it everyday. Looks really pretty on other people. I always look like a clown.

Urban decay

Urban decay primer potion is very good, I think it was 20 something nut it lasts a long time I got mine at Sephora

I use the ELF primer. It’s $1. And it’s been great for me. Some people don’t like it though but I’ve never had a problem with it.


I bought my primer at Wal-Mart. It was very hard to find! I couldn’t find any others besides Hard Candy primer. so I got it. its kinda small, but you don’t need to use very much at all each time you use it. It came with an eye shadow palette, and I LOVE both. It was 6 or 7 bucks for the set

Loreal de crease

I hear it works ok. sorry, I’m all about the urban decay and benefit, if I don’t take my make up off, the shadows will still look pretty hot the next day, that’s worth $20 to me

I’ve never tried to find eye primer in a drug store because I don’t typically buy makeup there except for lip gloss. I like Mary Kay or Bare Escentuals.

I use mac primer, I cant remember what its called but I have it in matt finish and shimmery. They’re awesome!

I got this today! AND, I got a lady to give me a sample of eye primer from Too Faced (forget what it’s called). I saw the Urban Decay one, and was very tempted to buy it, but I figured for $7.00 I would get this, and use the sample she gave me. I also found the Loreal one. I didn’t know which one to get, so we’ll see which one works. I wanted to try the cheap route first. Oh yeah, can someone tell me how the urban decay shimmer looks?