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Eye Makeup Questions & Answers

Good Volumizing Mascara

What kind of “Voluming” mascara would you recommend? I am very happy with the length of my lashes but they are so thin they need some volume big time. Any Suggestions? Answers: Maybelline Lash Stylist If you can get your hands on it, maybelline lash stylist is super volumizing. it has a comb instead of […]

NYX Eye Makeup

I’ve heard mixed reviews about this brand, but I really like their prices. I’m mainly looking at their eye make up. Any reviews anyone would like to add? I don’t want to buy it and then it really sucks! So I’m open for everyone’s review on this, thanks! Answers: My eyebrows are done with their […]

What Color Eye Shadow For Brown Eyes

What color of eye shadow would make my brown eyes stand out more? Answers: Gold, A yellow shimmer, pink, orangey (Warm colors) just about anything besides black or blue. Golds, Soft Browns, and Darker Browns would be gorgeous. It all depends on if you prefer to go ‘flashy’ or with ‘earth tones.’ lavender.. a light […]

What is a good highlighter?

I’ve never used a highlighter. How to I apply it to my face and where? Do you have a favorite kind? What about face primers? Thanks in advance for any help! Answers: I know nothing about the highlighter or anything, but I use a face primer from MAC. I just squirt it on my wrist […]

How do I get my eyelashes to stand out?

I need some advice. when I do my eyes, meaning put on mascara, they don’t feel like they “sparkle”. I want my lashes to be perfect and long! I feel like my eyes don’t stand out enough. do you know what I mean? maybe I am using the wrong mascara or I’m not applying the […]

Good liquid eyeliners and how to use them

I’ll be honest, I haven’t tried applying the liquid kind in YEARS, but I remember having a hard time getting the line straight and perfect so I gave up. But I have always wanted that perfect liner look (on the top of my lashes)! Before I go out and buy one, I thought I’d ask […]

Good eyeshadow brushes & how to use them?

I was wondering how you ladies get your eyeshadow so bold when you use makeup brushes. I have noticed that when I use brushes they seem to mute the color, so to speak. I’ve heard of some people dipping their brush in water first. Will that work with mineral shadow? I use all Mary Kay […]

How to get eyeshadow to last longer?

I have recently stopped wearing eye shadow when I go to work. Towards the end of the day (especially in the Phoenix summer) it just looks blah! My SO wants me to try MAC make-up as soon as we’re financially able to do so. I don’t even know how much MAC costs. But can you […]

What color eyeshadow for a job interview?

I have an interview for a job which colour eyeshadow should I wear with a deep purple blouse? I don’t want to be matchy matchy so no purple. Answers: I think a smoky eye with a hint of purple will be beautiful I would definitely go neutral! and probably go matte! Exactly. Job interview = […]

Where can I find a good eye primer?

I have read somewhere that no matter what brand eye shadow you have, making it last the whole working day is “all about the primer!” So, I went looking for one today. Couldn’t find it. I currently use an Almay concealer and eye foundation in a tube for eyes. But, it doesn’t work for more […]