Where Can I Get Good Make Up Brushes?

Where can you get good quality make up brush sets for a good price? I LOVE Sephora products but sometimes I find them pricey and I’m open to other product lines. Thanks! Answers: ELF, Avon Ok there are a couple good places I have gotten my brushes. Believe it or not ELF has awesome blenders. […]

Good Volumizing Mascara

What kind of “Voluming” mascara would you recommend? I am very happy with the length of my lashes but they are so thin they need some volume big time. Any Suggestions? Answers: Maybelline Lash Stylist If you can get your hands on it, maybelline lash stylist is super volumizing. it has a comb instead of […]

Good But Cheap Mineral Foundation

I want to first say please don’t try to sell me your product. I want serious answers please. I am trying to find mineral foundation that is as good but maybe less expensive than what I’m using now. I’ve been using Arbonne for the past two years, and it’s the best I’ve ever used as […]

Alternatives To Bare Escentuals

Bare Escentuals made my face really itchy, BUT I loved the way it made my skin look. I was wondering if there was something similar I could buy? Answers: All mineral foundations have different ingredients in them. Check the ingredient list on your foundation and compare it to others. I know some people are allergic […]

NYX Eye Makeup

I’ve heard mixed reviews about this brand, but I really like their prices. I’m mainly looking at their eye make up. Any reviews anyone would like to add? I don’t want to buy it and then it really sucks! So I’m open for everyone’s review on this, thanks! Answers: My eyebrows are done with their […]

Little Bumps On My Face

I have these weird little bump on my face and have not been able to wear any make up for over a week, there are three of the on between my hairline and eyebrow, one sort of like a MarilYn Mark and another on my chiny chin chin, they are painful, sort of look like […]

Where to get a Good Makeup Case

I have been SERIOUSLY fattening up my makeup stock lately, and, the time has come, where it is SUCH a hassle to dig through my makeup drawer in my bathroom to find what I’m looking for, plus, I don’t want to cause any damage to my expensive professional brushes. I am looking for a good, […]

Everyday Makeup

I usually put on make up when I know I am going to go out but lately my self-esteem needs a little buster so I decided on buy all this extra make up (eyeliners eyeshadows lipgloss lipsticks etc.) and found my self not knowing how to use it on the daily basis, also I bought […]

Ion Color Brilliance Color Corrector

It worked great! I applied the corrector to her hair as though I was colouring it. And put her under a dryer for about 10-15 minutes.The black was out! I rinsed her hair with lukewarm water and applied a deep conditioning treatment that we left in for about 10 minutes. I trimmed her dead ends […]

How Can I Curl My Hair?

I want to know how to curl my hair like in the pic. I’m so frustrated my hair is hard to curl and I went and had it done like this. I tried tonight and I failed horribly. At first I got a cheap 1.5 inch curling iron and it didn’t heat up for crap […]